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Admission Requirements


Most frequent questions and answers

The academy adopts the sponsorship training system by employers, where the student is employed by companies. These ‘employees’ then attend the academy for training in their specialist training program, before progressing to employment with the company. The announcement of the opening of admission at ADI is made through the official channels of the Academy.

Admission includes both male and female students for both their training and future jobs. Trainers are also of both genders.
The application for enrolment is submitted electronically through the Academy’s website. Applicants will be contacted upon completion of admission requirements via e-mail and text messages.

English is the language used in all study and training environments.
The training period is 27 months, divided into three training semesters per academic year.

• The applicant must be a Saudi Citizen.
• Applicants must be under 25 years of age.
• Applicants must pass a medical examination.
• The High School Diploma must be science-based.
• Your High School Graduation score must be at least 80%.
• You must not have received any previous support from the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).
•Applicants must pass a security clearance check.
• Obtaining a score of 75% or higher in the General Aptitude Test (GAT) is necessary
• The last General Aptitude Test (GAT) should not have been taken more than 5 years ago.
• Obtaining a score of 55% or higher in the STEP exam.
• The last STEP exams should not have been taken more than 3 years ago.

There is currently no housing available at the Academy; housing will be provided later during the next academic year.

At the Academy, both males and females will begin their training by signing a contract with one of the top companies in the defense industry. Once the trainee finishes their programme at the Academy, they will start working at the company.

There will be 30 hours of training per week, scheduled between 7.45am and 4pm. There will be breaks in the day for prayers and lunch.

The Academy is unable to accept non-Saudis, and one of the admission requirements is that the applicant must be a Saudi national and hold a national identity.