Our Programs

The Academy Of Defense Industries works to achieve the national objectives related to localizing, developing, and enhancing the defense manufacturing capabilities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is done by enabling and qualifying human resources in the technical, and scientific fields associated with defense industries. This is achieved through the application of the best global practices and leading standards in technical and vocational education.

Chemical Defense Technology

Chemical Defense Technology program prepares students for a career in defense and ammunition industries, with a blend of theoretical instruction, practical laboratory work, and professional competencies.

Mechanical Defense Technology

Mechanical Defense Technology program comprises diverse modules, developing a broad set of technical and professional skills required in the defense industries .

Electrical Defence Technology

Electrical Defense Technology​ program is meticulously crafted to create future-ready professionals in the field of technical defense with the curriculum designed to sequentially build foundational skills, technical knowledge, and advanced applications in electrical technology.

Electronics Defence Technology

Electronics Defense Technology program is an intensive and comprehensive curriculum designed for those aiming to excel in the defense industry. Spanning 2 years, the program covers a broad array of subjects ranging from core technology principles to specialized defense techniques.